About us

"Prakaash" has come into existence with the motive of service to humanity through the dynamic power of mantras in each and every area of human life. Prakaash is going to open the hidden treasures of mantras in the world of spirituality to make sure that mantras no more remain out of reach of common mass who want to evolve but find difficulty in adapting to higher techniques and leave the journey feeling sad. Prakaash will help humanity evolve through mantras which is very much possible.

THE WORD TERMA STANDS for spiritual treasures. Terma denotes hidden valuable teachings.So at Prakaash the light is being given on the spiritual treasures an hidden teachings by great ones.

Mr. Prakash Bardia
CEO, Prakaash
The Prakaash Logo

The book and red cloth symbolizes the hidden secrets of mantras written and stored in a book wrapped and protected with the dynamic and preserving energy of red colored cloth being revealed under the light coming from “prakaash”. The book is symbolizing the mantra Om and shreem where Om is the king of mantras as already known by humanity and shreem is a mantra of wealth which is very important to move ahead in the path of spirituality. The rainbow color of prakaash symbolizes that all type (color) of problems can be solved by the help of mantras and the light being shown at “prakaash” whoever comes under it.

The circle of pyramid with yellow color which stands for strengthening is given to magnify the positive energy of the entire logo as scientifically anything under the influence of pyramid is supplied with tremendous energy which does not happen in general that is why every big spiritual or religious meditation centre is in the shape of pyramid. The tag line- “light on terma” is describing the motive of the existence of PRAKAASH where terma means treasures or valuable secrets and anything which is under the influence of light cannot remain out of reach of even the common people which prakaash is passionate and committed to do under the guidance of Mr. Prakash Bardia.